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Hood View Adventist School offers a state-certified preschool program for children ages 3-5.



Preschoolers learn best in a secure environment where they are free to develop in their own time, without pressure or fear. We strive to offer a balanced approach that looks at the child's whole development. This includes a balance of student exploration, play, and teacher guided activities and instruction. 



Our preschool has a close working relationship with our kindergarten teacher to ensure students are developing the skills needed to be ready for kindergarten.

Hood View Adventist School is a Christian school. Preschool students participate in prayer, sing Bible songs, learn memory verses and listen to Bible stories. 

In addition, students engage in regular music and art classes. 


Specific objectives include:

  • Writing/Fine Motor Development:

    • Learn how to hold crayons, pencils and scissors correctly

    • Cut and past

    • Trace vertical and horizontal lines

    • Draw simple shapes

    • trace ABC pages and name pages

  • Math:

    • Count to 30

    • Identify numbers 0-30

    • Recognize shapes and colors

    • Sort by shape, size, and color

    • Complete simple patterns

    • Use simple mathematical terms like long/short, big/little, heavy light etc.

  • Reading:

    • Identify letters and beginning sounds

    • Listen to a story and enjoy being read to 

    • Retell familiear stories and tell stories about experiences

    • Holds book correctly

    • Recognizes rhymes

  • Gross Motor Development:

    • Jump

    • Hop on on foot

    • Skip

    • Climb up and down stairs

    • Walk Backwards

    • Throw, catch, kick, and bounce a ball

  • Social Skills

    • Follows rules and directions

    • Cleans up after themselves

    • Can button and zip own clothes

    • Uses the bathroom without assistance

    • Cares about others feelings

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