Class of 2014 Graduates


Congratualtions to our outstanding 8th graders, who are now 9th graders. You will be greatly missed at HVJA! Many blessings as you continue your education. 



8th Grade Class Trip


The 8th grade class had a wonderful time at Washington Family Ranch. Thank you parents, Mr. C and Pastor Jonny for going along on the trip.  

6th Grade Outdoor School


The 6th grade class had some amazing weather for outdoor school. They visited Rosario Beach which is on the Puget Sound. The students learned more about marine life and ecology, dissected, repelled, visited San Juan Island and much more. Especial thanks to Bev Hall for an outstanding job as trip coordinator. 


1st Grade Visits Troutdale Airport


First grade learned more about airplanes, flying, and how an airport operates when they visited Troutdale airport. Thank you Blake Segoria for being a great host!

Jr. High Presents Week of Worship


The 7th and 8th grade led out in the spring week of worship. The theme for the week was the Fruit of the Spirit. Each day students led out in song service and presented a skit on the days topic. The speaker each day was also a student! We are very proud of all the participants, the excellent job you did, and your willingness to share Jesus with the rest of the school.